Cistern Cleaning

Have your Cistern cleaned and disinfected with Chinook Water Wagon. Our trained professionals will clean your cistern with a strong bleach solution and high pressure water, leaving your cistern clean, pristine, and ready for drinking.

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Package deals are available for additional septic cleaning and/or a load of water (up to 3,000 gallons).

Cisterns are constructed and sealed to be water tight protecting your drinking water.  It is good practice to clean your cistern regularly (yearly) to remove sludge and/or build up of sediment. In some circumstances, the water in your cistern may become dirty or even contaminated leaving your water no longer safe to drink. Our trained professionals in confined spaces will clean your cistern in a safe and effective manner!

How does Chinook Water Wagon clean cisterns?

  • Always have two trained professionals come for safety reasons of entering a confined space and chemical handling.
  • Enter the tank with clean and disinfected attire and boots
  • Use all disinfected hoses and equipment.
  • Our process: pump all the water and debris from the cistern, pressure wash the walls and floor with a high percentage bleach solution. We will leave a thin layer of the bleach solution on the walls and floor to kill any bacteria. It is recommended to leave the chlorinated water solution on the walls for six hours after the cleaning.
  • Optional: Load of fresh potable water to fill the cistern (up to 3,000 gallons).
  • Optional: Flush the lines to the house with the concentrated bleach solution. This is highly recommenced in the instance of contamination as the lines to the house will be contaminated as well.

How do cisterns become dirty or contaminated?

  • Over time dust and sediment builds up from the lid being opened.
  • Damage to the collar, lids, fill ports or screened vents allowing germs or contaminants in.
  • Structure is damaged creating cracks (ex. Frost build up or the tank settling) allowing contaminated groundwater or soil in.
  • Area of flooding allowing overland flooding to seep in from the surface, bringing in contaminated water and leaving a heavy mud sludge along the floors surface.
  • Rodents or debris get into the tank. This happens from a lid or valve being left open.
  • Maintenance on the tank is done such as plumbing maintenance to the tank, valve or pump.

Can I clean my cistern myself?

  • A cistern is classified a confined space under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code. You must NEVER go into a cistern unless you’ve been trained in confined space entry and know all the safety procedures. We highly recommend you leaving the confined entry and chemical handling to the professionals at Chinook Water Wagon.

Can I test my water quality?

  • The Provincial Laboratory for Public Health (ProvLab), located at the Lethbridge Health Centre provides tests for private drinking water. The ProvLab will test for Coliforms (eg. bacteria in soil, plants, rivers, lakes) and E.coli (bacteria found in bowels and stool).
  • If your water quality changes (clarity, colour, smell or taste) call Chinook Water Wagon to come clean your cistern.
  • If you know the water is contaminated or a rodent has fallen in, DO NOT hesitate to get your cistern cleaned. A test is not needed the tank must be cleaned immediately to assure water quality and prevent illness.

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